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Nick Haub

Video Ninja. Java Junkie. Adventurer.

Originating his fitness career with Orangetheory Fitness and most recently leading the development of BKBX, Nick brings a wealth of boutique fitness studio experience. Nick understands the day-to-day operations of a club, and has the ability to guide brands through a digital transformation, overseeing the implementation and operations of the fitness streaming business. In addition, Nick brings nearly a decade of management experience and excels in building, leading, and developing teams, as well as designing and implementing processes to enhance the customer experience in club and online. As a certified NASM personal trainer with an emphasis on business development and virtual coaching, he has an understanding of not only the customer operations, but how that translates the instructor to the screen. At Endorphinz, Nick oversees Sales and Operations, as well as works directly with customers to assure their sales and ops are tracking to their digital transformation goals. Nick originates from South Dakota and is currently pursuing his MBA at the Jack Welch Management Institute. When not creating dynamic fitness experiences, Nick enjoys Spartan races, hiking, climbing, and video games.

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posted: 04/16/2020


The 101 on Digital Marketing to Better Connect with your Audience, Drive Brand Awareness and Generate Leads Where is everyone spending their time (especially in today’s climate)? ONLINE! Digital Marketing is simply reaching your target market where they are most of the time, on their devices for fitness streaming business. If.

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