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About The Company

Endorphinz is built to make fitness streaming better from strategy to production to promotion. In 2019, co-founder and FitTech expert, Mike Hansen, discovered a colossal gap in the fitness streaming market after having spent a decade in media streaming. Content creators are missing the mark when it comes to connecting with consumers or simply, lacking the ability, insights and tools to effectively optimize the content flywheel. Endorphinz was born as the solution to streamline and refine the entire process.

The founders and management team have more than two decades of media and production experience in the fitness space. The team is accelerating the innovation of a fitness streaming agency that offer program management for fitness creators at every stage of the business. The team is building the fitness service company of tomorrow, to empower brands and artists in today’s digital age.

As the first ever full-service fitness streaming agency, Endorphinz offers fully integrated services from advising and research, education and training, production and programming, marketing and merchandising, to partnerships and licensing – all with an omnichannel mindset.

Rooted in the belief that healthy lifestyles improve lives, Endorphinz founders aim to increase workouts worldwide – thus fueling bodies with the “feel-good” chemical of endorphins.

We Are
Your Fitness Streaming Partner.

We are a team of industry experts from fitness, streaming, production, talent, publishing, merchandising, marketing and more. Its our mission to use these services to help Fitness Creators.

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