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How to Make Your Fitness Studio Production Ready

The coronavirus has only accelerated an exciting time of innovation in the fitness space. Now, as a gym instructor or fitness influencer, you have more power over your content than ever before and the ability to impact an audience of fans located thousands of miles away. 

Fitness creators are finding out how to make their studios production ready and reaping the benefits. Whether you plan to livestream your classes, hold special one-on-one virtual fitness sessions or record your teaching content for later consumption, understanding how to have a set-up that is right for you Is vital. 

There are thousands of analog fitness studios that are currently ripe for the conversion to digital. Find out the steps you need to take, starting today, to make your fitness studio production ready. 

  1. Make your studio/set design right for the camera 

One of the first things you have to do when building out your digital fitness studio is examining your space and visualizing how a class will look to the camera. You want to have everything properly spaced or staged, making sure that your audience can clearly see what you are doing. An important element that will help you decide the right arrangement will be whether you are planning to have just a single-cam set-up or if you are doing a much bigger production with multiple cameras. 

  1. Decide on your equipment 

Choosing the right equipment is the next step and one you can certainly get overwhelmed with. There are many camera, lighting and audio options on the market, making it sometimes difficult to search for what you really need. 

Let’s start with the camera. While many people think that you need a high-priced, studio camera, an IPad or IPhone camera set-up can work for many people. You are definitely going to want to have a quality, sturdy tripod to position whatever recording device you go with. While this basic set-up can work just fine for many, if you do invest in better camera equipment, you will have more functionality and be able to bring even better quality to your clients. 

As a digital fitness instructor, you are also going to be constantly on the move during your broadcasts, making it essential that you acquire a quality wireless mic that does not impede your movement. Finally, having some basic camera lights to strategically place in the room will dramatically improve the viewing experience. 

  1. Decide on how much production you need 

Once you have your fitness production studio built out, the possibilities are endless. This also applies to the level of content you want to produce.

Some broadcasters are fine with a simple, single-cam arrangement, but there are ways to easily upgrade your production without drawing you away from your focus of running a class. You can quickly upgrade to a high-quality, multi-cam broadcast when you have a virtual production team run the show. 

This requires little from you other than setting a class schedule and going live. The remote crew takes over after that, controlling the cameras, audio levels, and any music needs as well as executing per and post production on the video. 

If you need expert advice on how to make your digital fitness studio production ready, the Endorphinz team is ready to help. We are built to make fitness streaming better from strategy to production to promotion.

Our talented and experienced staff can help you build up to any level of production, whether you want a simple studio concept or are looking for a virtually-controlled, multi-camera operation. To step into the next era of fitness creation, fill out our Contact form or give us a call at 833-227-4469. 

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