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A Winning Online Plan

Executing the wrong plan is a waste of time. The content strategy is the starting point for all successful fitness streaming brands. If you are looking for a winning strategy, a playbook for your team to follow or need to make a business case? We can help!

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Business & Content Strategy
  • Operating Plan & Financials

We not only develop strategies using best in practice approaches but we have one of the largest knowledge bases and root the strategy in brand, customer and market insights. Our strategies are not only good but executable because we help our partners and clients execute.

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digital talent

A Team of Digital Experts

Not everybody understands digital and online. It requires a different type of talent and processes. We have built out an entire team for our clients to use when they need or gap fill around their existing team.

  • Back of Office Team Support
  • Content Production Team
  • On-Camera Talent Network
  • Endorphinz Strategic Advisors

We will curate a team for your brand and wear your hat versus ours. You can outsource fractional roles while still accessing the technical skill, use our experts to get strategic and rely on the same talent as an extensions of your team.

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create content

we specialize in awesome content

Not all content is created equal! Online fitness content is a commodity, your story is not. We have developed a proven system to developing content strategies and have every resource and technical ability to execute any type of content; from promotional shoots, talent stories, exercise classes, live events and more. We specialize in the 4 offerings;

  • Get Production Ready
  • Be Creative with Content
  • Shoot Videos and Live Events
  • Post-Production and Publishing

We have models and processes in place to produce content for as little as hundreds and we have producers who have filmed the top talent and brands in the fitness industry. For more information on our content team and abilities; please visit the Content Suite.

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platform & tools

The Tech Is Just The Delivery Mechanism

Content is King and the Platform is just the delivery mechanism for your content strategy. Not all platforms are created equally and all types have pros and cons. We help you save time by setting the content strategy so you can select the proper tools and platforms to delivery your plan, not theirs.

  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Procurement
  • Product UI/UX & Integrations
  • Service and Support

We are platform agnostic so we have one of the highest valued opinions in the market and we can save you weeks if not months of time to find what is right for you. And the best part is we offer this service for Complimentary To Our Customers. Contact Us Today For A Complimentary Platform Audit.

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marketing & promotion

You Need The Consumers Attention

Building an online user base starts with your existing consumers but very quickly runs out. You must understand what you offer and how to stand out with digital first consumers. You will have to build up social channels, email databases, funnels and more by creating attention grabbing content

  • Channel Building
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Nurture/Sales Funnels
  • Story and Talent Content

The first step in most platforms is the free trial. To get to that point you need to meet the consumer in their platform of choice and hook them to bring them to this stage. Once you get them to your platform you can then work on the acquisition and monetization but this step is first and people struggle with it.

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acquisition & monetization

Drive Sales Growth In Multiple Areas

Build it and they will come is just not true. Once you’ve got them into your platform you have to convert them on free trail. There is in content and store models that can drive the conversion rates. We work not only on the CAC, but offering gated content into pricing strategies and bundles so you can acquire customers in different ways.

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Pricing and Bundling
  • Partnerships & Licensing
  • Up-Sell, Next-Sell Products

If you are not familiar with the terms AVOD, SVOD, TVOD or know how to make money licensing etc. We should talk because your potentially not optimizing your platform for monetization and then the growth side of creating multiple revenue streams. We will help you grow and partake in the risk.

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engagement & merchandise

Keep The Customer Engaged

Once the customer is on the site and using the content you have to start to personalize the experience and help them achieve their goal. Each person has a different goal and is attracted to different things. There is a new type of work required for everything that happens inside that store/platform;

  • Store Merchandising
  • Tile & Data Management
  • Content Programming
  • Engagement Models

Consumers get bored and distracted easily so you must keep their attention with engagement. Some of the top viewed content in the world is funny or educational content, so you can’t always just do classes. We combine those things with the rules of merchandising and keep things fresh.

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Create a Content Flywheel.

Our signature flywheel model combines content strategy, content creation, promotion, monetization and engagement to grow your subscriber base and revenues through optimization. Contact us today to partner and accelerate your business.

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