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Digital Fitness Business Accelerator: Session #4 Platform & Tools

by Mike Hansenadded July 10, 2020

You’re not here to survive, you’re here to thrive. Join our Digital Business Accelerator to fast-track your growth and set a strong foundation for a long-lasting digital fitness business.

Walk Away With:

  • A pathway for making online training a sustainable business
  • A defined brand, offerings and a laser focus on your target audience
  • A marketing roadmap to generate leads and sign clients
  • Selling strategies for closing the deal
  • On-camera expertise and a plan for building a digital community
  • Your administrative legal, finances and insurance boxes, checked
  • Knowledge of why most people fail and the activities you must do to be successful
  • A library of tools, apps and additional resources to continue the momentum going forward

Who Is This Accelerator For?

  • Never considered going digital until now
  • Always wanted to go digital but need help getting there
  • Have gone digital but want to build a strong foundation for success

Why Is It Special?

  • ACCELERATED GROWTH: We’ll take you from idea to full blown business in 3 weeks.
  • COMPREHENSIVE: From building your brand, developing your products, pricing, selling and marketing them, to the tools, platforms, legal, finance and liability protections you’ll need, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of building your business.
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE: Learn from experts in their field who have walked the walk and will show you what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to figure it out the hard way.
  • COMMUNITY: Surround yourself with other fitpros who are on the same journey you’re on. Get feedback, share advice, and learn from your peers.

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