Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to the most asked questions we receive. For additional support, please contact us here.

What does my final video include?

This depends on which template level you choose! Here’s a breakdown of the customized assets included with each tier:

1. Creator:

• Brand name + brand logo

• Brand colors

• Video intro with text information (i.e. Workout Name, Workout Duration, Instructor Name)

• Video outro with text information (i.e. Website URL, Social Media Tags)

• Full length workout timer/countdown

• Lower thirds for active movements in your workout

2. Professional:

• In addition to the Creator features…

• Lower thirds with “up next” movements added

• Individual round timers/countdowns

• Custom sequencing (i.e. Round 1, 2, 3)

• Culling and syncing of your footage with additional camera angles (up to 2)

3. Elite:

• In addition to the Professional features…

• ‘Up next’ video preview windows

• Transition screens

• Rest screens

• Custom font substitution

• Culling and syncing of your footage with additional camera angles (up to 3)

4. Optional Add-Ons (to any tier):

• Audio tuning

• Royalty-free music placement

How do I send my footage and video assets to you?

When starting a new video project after purchasing a template, you’ll be directed to a project details page. On this page will be an information field for you to supply a URL where we can download any necessary assets for your videos. These assets can include video files, music files, and your brand logos. We recommend having a public folder on either Google Drive or Dropbox to share these files with us. 

How will I receive my final video file(s)?

You’ll have a separate project page for each video and will receive an email notification when your preview file is available for review. On your project page, you can submit a revision request if needed. After review and approval from you, your file will be uploaded and presented to you via a download link on your project page.

What is the turnaround time for receiving my final video?

Turnaround time for one video will be no more than 72 hours from submission. Additional videos submitted at the same time shall require more time and we will supply a schedule for delivery of all orders over 5.

Why is a set-up fee charged?

The first time you purchase a template from our store, we will need to do a set-up session to customize it with your selected options; colors, logos, and other branding elements unique to you. After the initial set-up session, the template is ready to be utilized again and again to produce multiple professional workout videos for you to share with the world. Changes to the video template will require another set-up fee.

How is pricing structured for multiple videos using the same template?

Our model is priced on a per video basis.  If you are looking to do more than 20 videos each month we will evaluate your design and apply a volume discount if and when applicable.  Contact us for a quote.

Who can I contact if I need to give more details about my video after my initial project submission?

On each video’s project page, you’ll see a contact box which connects you directly to us. We will respond via email within 24 hours.

Can I customize the elements I want to change in the template further than the options given on this site?

Yes, we can customize an entire template and give you a custom quote per video.  Contact us with your request and specific elements you’re looking for here and we will provide you with a quote.

Do you offer other services for video production?

Yes, we are a full-service production company and agency.  We provide virtually every service you can imagine; from on-site video production, building production studios, to running live broadcasts. Contact our team production services team here.

Can you help us with video shoot issues we are having?

Yes, if you have a basic problem or want to improve your output we can make a recommendation via email.  If you need additional help and services we can also provide support but there may be a fee applied.