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Tips to Create Successful Fitness Video Content in 2020

Your success as a fitness influencer is directly tied to the content you create. That means that the video production involved in your live fitness classes, one-on-one training sessions and other recorded programs has to be top-notch.

We have already covered some of what you need to get started with the 7 pillars of fitness content creation and the things you need to have to get your studio production-ready.

You might be intimidated when approaching the idea of video production and think that a bunch of expensive equipment is needed to make your content perfect. You may even believe that you need to hire expensive video production companies or services to round your presentations into form.

While the best camera equipment and a production team can certainly help you reach your end goal, none of that is necessary to be a success as a digital fitness creator. What is essential is that you have a plan to stand out in this crowded and competitive marketplace.

To begin plotting out your goals, assess who you are trying to reach with your video production and why you want to create this content for them. This will allow you to develop a strong brand identity from the start, which, believe it or not, gives you a competitive advantage.

Next, you want to consider what your production is going to look like. Regardless of if you are in your living room or a professional studio, you want to make sure that your set up is well framed and properly lit. Make sure that you either have good natural lighting or a few professional lights set up and that the background is clear of distractions.

The process that follows getting ”studio-ready” usually comes naturally to the majority of fitness instructors. You want to have a natural progression of classes or programs set up in advance so that your video content is easy to follow and anyone consuming it sees the results they are looking for.

Some final things to go over before you start a video shoot include making sure your sound quality is clear and that whatever video capture device you use is set up to properly record all movement.

Once you have finished your video production, you can certainly add layers of post-production to the mix. Things like lower-third text to explain some of the workout and royalty-free music can add great value to your content. Remember, however, that you can overdo it during the editing process and that whatever you record, even if there are a few errors here and there, should be able to stand alone on its own merit!

If you are looking for assistance with video production or studio set-up, Endorphinz is here to help! We are committed to creating the next generation of fitness creators and our services come at a significant cost savings compared to regular video production companies or services. Fill out our Contact form or give us a call at 833-227- 4469 to get started!

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