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Why you should consider fitness streaming as the important part of your fitness business

For a long time, there was little evolution in the fitness business. You could get your workout fix by physically going to a gym or picking up a VHS tape or DVD at the store. There was a limited group of expert fitness instructors that you learned from, either in a brick-and-mortar environment or via Video On Demand.

As we have all seen within the past few years and now in the midst of a global pandemic, fitness streaming has turned the fitness industry on its head. Anyone with coaching expertise, an  understanding of their brand and some basic video production knowledge can reach a worldwide audience with their content.

Fitness streaming is now an essential component of the fitness business, the new expected experience and here to stay. Whether you’re a fitness creator reaching people via Instagram, Facebook or your own live platform, that power of connection to a mass audience has never been stronger.

What streaming has really been for the fitness business is an agent of empowerment. You no longer have to be part of large gym structure or some other organization to garner a following as an instructor.

Some of the most attune fitness coaches have been building for this digital revolution for some time. Their hard work was only magnified by the explosion of online streaming due to the coronavirus shutting down gyms across the country and now many instructors are deemed influencers.

The proof of how pervasive fitness streaming has become is not limited to perception and isolated anecdotes.

Mindbody recently concluded that 73% of people are consuming video on-demand, as opposed to just 17% in March 2019. They also found that 85% of consumers take advantage of classes that use online streaming, whereas only 7% did so at the same point last year.

Those are huge jumps in online engagement. When you add that people are working out more than ever before due to the pandemic adjusting schedules and giving people more time at home, the market has never been more prime to build a big business out of becoming a fitness influencer.

Experts like ClassPass COO Zach Apter are backing up the data behind the fitness streaming boom as well.

He was recently quoted explaining the jump in fitness streaming, “There is definitely a group of people saying, ‘I really like this livestream thing. It’s less expensive, more convenient, and it’s about as good as a workout in a studio.’”

If you are looking for ways to build your following as a fitness creator, Endorphinz can help! As a leading fitness streaming agency, we act as your Chief Content Officer, guiding you every step of the way. Contact us today and let us Fuel Your Greatness!

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