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STEP 1 - Building Your Website & Digital Store

What type of video to showcase, how to show likelihood of success, why you need stories and what 97% of customers make decisions on.

Time Duration: 04 Minutes : 22 Seconds

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STEP 2 - Producing A Digital Product & Program

What type of evergreen content to make, how to position it, why it can make you more money and why customers buy this over VOD workouts.

Time Duration: 03 Minutes : 30 Seconds

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STEP 3 - Creating Media & Attracting Customers

Where to find 87% of your customers, why meeting customers in their platform of choice matters and some general rules in social media.

Time Duration: 03 Minutes

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STEP 4 - Offering A Subscription With VOD

Why you won’t make money with a Vod subscription, how to think about pricing and who and why customers care about VOD and the person.

Time Duration: 05 Minutes : 08 Seconds

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STEP 5 - Humanize The Relationship With Live

Who care about online live offerings, why you need to do events and how making a customer a fan can make your more money with others.

Time Duration: 02 Minutes : 49 Seconds

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