5 Creative Elements To Consider in the Production of Workouts

How much does it cost to make a fitness video? This is a very common question I get but is one of the hardest to answer because not all content is created equally. Imagine asking a car expert, “How much does a car cost?” They would probably ask you a list of follow up questions … Read more

A Fitness Creator’s Dream Come True Starts At Endorphinz HQ

We are excited to share another brief update regarding the progress being made at Endorphinz HQ where fitness and production intersect in Tampa Florida. To recap, in case you missed our previous update, our HQ includes multiple spaces, a multitude of activities, equipment, and leisure areas to create a space where there is something for … Read more

Fitness Technology Summit: A Digital Approach to Reaching Members With Mike Hansen

If you are attending The Fitness Technology Summit. Make sure to join our Founder, Mike Hansen who is speaking on A Digital Approach to Reaching Members. He has a unique approach to leveraging digital and content which could impact your business model. Specifically, Mike will be speaking on day 3 of the event at 9:05 am eastern … Read more

Why You Should Take Your Fitness Media Production Online?

Why You Should Take Your Fitness Media Production Online? The approximately 100 billion dollar fitness industry has swiftly moved into a virtual world which is great news for the fitness trainers who have had the option to adapt swiftly to the new normal of fitness media production. Fitness trainers who haven’t executed a digital fitness … Read more

Fitness Video Production – Future of the Online Fitness Industry

Digital Transformation Paves the Future of the Fitness Industry through Streaming Services. The fitness sector moves from enduring the COVID-19 emergency to searching for approaches to flourish in the next normal, building customer connections that last and develop. Vendors/Trainers/Brands for services or solutions for the fitness industry both inside and outside the gym should rethink … Read more