First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio

Make your fitness video content dreams come true! We are giving away 100 chocolate bars for the chance to win your own all-inclusive, complementary fitness production shoot in our newly launched Fitness Media Creator Lab with a single GOLDEN TICKET hidden inside one of the sweets. The Fitness Media Creator Lab is a production studio … Read more

Network Operations Center Deep Dive at Endorphinz HQ

Network Operations Center Deep Dive at Endorphinz HQ Can you tell us a little bit about your story and background Zach? Sure thing, I graduated from the University of South Florida this past summer with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. I know, not exactly tech related. I’ve always had an inherent draw towards … Read more

Fitness Technology Summit: A Digital Approach to Reaching Members With Mike Hansen

If you are attending The Fitness Technology Summit. Make sure to join our Founder, Mike Hansen who is speaking on A Digital Approach to Reaching Members. He has a unique approach to leveraging digital and content which could impact your business model. Specifically, Mike will be speaking on day 3 of the event at 9:05 am eastern … Read more

Live Fitness & Entertainment Will intersect At Endorphinz HQ

After extensive planning and preparation our new office space where live fitness & entertainment intersect is close to opening day. Introducing Endorphinz HQ in Tampa Florida. Our Home Office is welcoming, productive, and brings Endorphinz to the forefront. Of the included multiple spaces a multitude of activities, equipment, and leisure areas create a space where … Read more