First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio

Make your fitness video content dreams come true! We are giving away 100 chocolate bars for the chance to win your own all-inclusive, complementary fitness production shoot in our newly launched Fitness Media Creator Lab with a single GOLDEN TICKET hidden inside one of the sweets. The Fitness Media Creator Lab is a production studio that brings brands and creators together to produce any and all types of fitness content and media.

Whether you’re looking to produce marketing, social media, or storytelling content, film video-on-demand workouts or record live broadcasts, or shooting a TV show or a podcast, we’ve got the team and the resources to make it happen at our newly built Fitness Media Creator Lab in Tampa, Florida.

First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio

When we were designing the Lab, the initial mission was to eliminate the limitations of the current production models by offering fitness creators and brands the location, infrastructure, people, and resources needed for a full-scale production in one space, along with the ability to customize the experience to their likings and the flexibility of an on-demand model.

We realized that there is a vacuum in the fitness industry for an incubator-type solution so we wanted to offer the widest possible range of options in terms of the types of shoots we’d be able to host and content we’d be able to produce here.

The costs associated with the scale and quality of production we provide here is typically one of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional model, so we wanted to provide a superior solution by investing in the studio and set so that our customers wouldn’t have to, so by designing the space with flexibility and customer experience in mind we’ve created a unique opportunity for industry professionals and companies.

The Fitness Media Creator Lab is a white label production solution where our customers can work with our studio designers to customize the sets to fit their brand look and feel, hand select from our diverse roster of over 100 on-screen fitness professionals or bring their own talent, and create any type of media they need. If your ideas extend beyond the 4 walls of our studios, our team’s production truck can take your shoot anywhere in the outside world from the beach to the parks to gyms and more.

Ultimately however, what truly sets this place apart from other studios is the experience. This is thanks to, not only an incredibly hard working and high spirited team dynamic, but also the unique and entertaining Lab features. 

Right as you walk in through the front doors, you’re greeted by a red carpet, velvet ropes, and the best view of the entire open-plan facility. Right in the middle is the main attraction – the A and B studio sets. This is where lighting, branding, and props can be tailored to fit your needs. You’ll be supported by our world class production crew with every step of the process from planning to shooting to editing.

From there, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to disconnect from the real world and explore far away lands, you can drop by the media screening area and play some VR. If you want to blow off some steam you can head to the lounge area and challenge someone to a game of pool, relax in a swing chair, or vibe under the disco ball. If you’re in the middle of a shoot and want to see what your media looks like after post-production you can put it up on the media wall or spend some time in our editing bays. If you want to get hair, makeup, or styling done we have fully serviced stations set up for your convenience. If you want to commemorate your experience with us you can take a photo in front of our social wall that features our neon sign slogan on an ivy wall and post it to your social media.

First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio
First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio

In the Lab, you’ll also find the Endorphinz bar fully stocked with food and drinks that will give you energy by boosting your Endorphinz, an open workspace perfect for any computer related work or collaborative tasks, a fully operational live broadcast operations center where live fitness shows can be monitored in real time, as well as a professional podcast room where you can participate in exclusive Endorphinz interviews and share your story with the world.

And for those who are serious about broadcast quality production. We have a network operations control center with all live broadcast capabilities. This space is not only used to run our productions but also support our production studios in NYC, LA and others.

From the moment you walk in to the moment you step outside, the energy and ambience is electric – but don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of the top local talent has said about their experience at our studios by clicking here.