The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Video Production

First impressions are everything when building a brand.

In the fitness industry, creating online content is an important part of making an authentic, on-brand impression for future clients, and ensures you solidify an ongoing fan base. 

In this post, we’ll show you what it takes to create a high-quality fitness video production by explaining why fitness video production is necessary, the 5 key elements to produce a fitness video, and examples of fitness video production with Endorphinz’ tricks, tips and techniques.

What is Fitness Video Production?

There’s an obvious difference between a homemade video and a video production, the main difference being quality. A video production, whether it’s a fitness video, a cooking video, or a music video, involves assembling multiple elements of the creative process to make a high-quality production. These elements include everything from the lighting and the movement of the camera, to the background and music choice. 

Choosing these elements carefully is essential in making a fitness video production, because the overall quality and vibe of your video can make or break a potential customer’s image of your brand and what you stand for.


The History of Fitness Video Production

As you might imagine from stereotypical 1980s activewear, fitness video production really took off with Jane Fonda’s home videos sporting vivid, high-cut leotards and the signature leg warmers known to adorn 80’s workout fanatics. 

However, long before the 80’s, Jack Lalanne, otherwise known as “The Godfather of Fitness” hosted a 1950s TV program that really popularized fitness videos in the comfort of your home. 

The earliest record of a fitness video production is the 1928 film, “Exercise, A Film Lesson in Health and Hygiene”, so it’s safe to say that fitness video production has been weaving in and out of our culture for quite some time.

Richard Simmons, Tony Little, and Judi Sheppard Missett of Jazzercise are just a few of the many fitness professionals that spearheaded the fitness video production enterprise. 

Today, fitness video production is increasingly more accessible for creators and small brands, and can be used as a foundational tool for marketing and building a fan base. 

Examples of Fitness Video Production

Fitness video production has changed drastically throughout the decades, and at Endorphinz, we have a variety of set styles to choose from. Our production team helps instructors maximize their skills so that we get footage of their best performances. 

Click here to see a Sizzle sample.

The 5 Key Ingredients in Fitness Video Production

At Endorphinz, we like to think about fitness video production as a recipe, with 5 key elements, or what we call “ingredients”, that go into production in order to create prime content. 

Here, we will do a quick run-through of our key ingredients, what they mean, and some examples of aspects to consider when planning your fitness video.

  1. The Programming

Programming a fitness video production means creating the script and figuring out what happens in the production, i.e., the workout. This varies greatly depending on what kind of fitness video you’re producing. For example, programming a yoga production requires different steps than programming a boxing production or programming a cycling production.

Some things to consider when planning the programming include:

  • Is the person teaching to the camera, or is the person teaching to people on set?
  • Is there one person on set, or more?
  1. The Talent

This is who customers will see on-screen. The talent should be able to embrace and advocate what your brand is all about through teaching the workout. Choosing the right talent depends on what kind of fitness video you are producing, and what your customers look for in a teacher.

Some things to consider:

  • What kind of ambassador does your brand need?
  • Will you need to hire talent, or are you yourself the talent?
  1. The Set

Choosing the right atmosphere for your fitness video production is an important part of creating your brand’s aesthetic. A fitness video that is more fast-paced may require a different type of lighting and set style than a fitness video that is meant to de-stress and relax your viewers.

Things to consider when designing your set:

  • Is your video being shot outside or inside?
  • Does the set need to be painted?
  • Are props needed?
  • What kind of lighting would look best for this fitness video production?
  1. The Production

Producing your fitness video requires a production crew and gear. Without experts, your fitness video is just a video rather than a high-quality production.

Some things to consider:

  • Will the video be live to tape?
  • How many cameras are needed?
  • Will there be moving shots?
  1. The Creativity

The creative aspect of fitness video production is another important aspect in marketing your brand. This includes the music, the style, and the overall vibe of the fitness video.

Things to consider creatively:

  • Are you using graphics?
  • What is the brand all about and how can you convey it properly? 

Anyone can grab a phone and start shooting a fitness video, but that doesn’t make it a high-quality production. It really takes a team to make it all happen. So if you’re a fitness video creator or a big brand looking to produce engaging, customer-boosting content, keep reading.

Who Needs Fitness Video Production, and Why?

Now that you understand the basic concepts of what goes into fitness video production, the next question is, do you need it for a brand to grow? 

Fitness video production is for anyone who is trying to engage a customer online through their brand experience. And in this day and age, virtually every single fitness creator or brand needs fitness video production. This includes both individual content creators who are just launching their online persona and brand, as well as big companies looking to increase their customer base and boost their sales online and in-person through online content marketing.

Both small and big brands have one major common denominator, and that is to create fans. Having a strong online presence is a great way to recreate a brand experience in a professional and curated manner, and is essential in gaining a fan base. And at the end of the day, fans are what make or break a brand. 

For example, if someone doesn’t know your brand, they are going to watch a glimpse of your fitness video and immediately infer what your brand stands for, and what the entire experience is like. With 90% of consumers being visual beings and 97% of purchase decisions being based on visuals, having high quality, on-brand fitness video production content is a game-changer. 

Within a short amount of time a consumer can get a real sense of what the brand is all about, and decide whether or not the brand experience aligns with what they’re looking for.

Fitness video production benefits any brand, big or small, that is engaging with a customer online – even if their ultimate goal is to get the customer into the brick and mortar facility. Professional fitness video production shows the extension of your brand, and if you brand’s quality is already established, you need to uphold that quality with your online content. 

This doesn’t mean that every single video or photo needs a production team, because you can still garner public engagement by posting non-professional, authentic content on social media. But think about posting quality fitness production videos like creating a storefront for your customers. If you walk by a storefront with a beautiful, curated display, that’s your (the customer’s) first experience, and it makes you want to enter the store. With a fitness video curated by a production team, you now have the storefront for consumers to engage with your online brand. 

The Cost of Fitness Video Production

The cost to make a professional fitness video varies greatly depending on the quality and type of video you’re looking for. 

The lower end of the cost spectrum ranges from around $750-$1,000 per video, but more typically you will see brands operating in the $1,000-$1,500 range to account for the full-service while maintaining a realistic budget. 

With that in mind, the cooler, more innovative videos generally cost in the $2,000-$3,000 range per video. 

In order to get the most accurate production estimate, take some sample videos of what you’re looking for to a group of experienced fitness production professionals, like our staff at Endorphinz, and ask how much they charge for something similar. 

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Resources for Fitness Video Production

Endorphinz offers the only vertically integrated resource for fitness video production on the market. We have a tactical trade in fitness, and we have all 5 key ingredients for fitness video production within our company: the programming, the talent, the set, the production and the creativity. 

We don’t need to outsource and neither do you when you work with us. Our fitness specialization provides you with a better quality production, and a faster production time. 

We understand that you want to create content to extend your brand reach and gain more exposure. You want to create value around what you offer, which ultimately creates an opportunity for you to have more freedom and be more successful in your life. 

A lot of the time, creators still need help figuring out what their brand is and what it’s all about. Endorphinz has the ability to not only provide the technical skills needed to create high quality, on-brand fitness production videos, but we also have insight into the fitness world. We empower creators, and help them figure out what their authentic brand is.

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When it comes to big brands, they need a partner they can rely on and trust rather than having to hire multiple independent contractors. Because Endorphinz is vertically integrated, big brands don’t have to waste time going to different business to fulfill one project. Endorphinz offers the full package when it comes to content creation, and if a big brand needs a partner who can be a guiding force offering everything all at once, we are the perfect resource.

Contact us at to get your fitness video production started.

Things to Remember

When it comes to fitness video production, remember that the main goal to have in mind is creating and preserving fans. This is the bread and butter of the business, and fans are what allow content creators and big businesses alike to thrive. 

In order to grow and maintain a brand, think about what your fans want when producing a fitness video, and remember the 5 key ingredients when it comes to production: the programming, the talent, the set, the production and the creativity.

Don’t forget that the marketplace is growing, and fitness video production is just one spoke on the wheel to gain fans and reach your audience base. 

Establishing a strong connection and partnership  with a vertically integrated fitness production company like Endorphinz will enable individual creators and big brands alike to stay ahead of current trends, and build an integral foundation in the media marketplace.

Why Endorphinz?

Ultimately, there are three general reasons why people choose Endorphinz for their fitness video production:

  1. They are looking for a partner who better understands their brand.
  1. They have no time or resources to handle everything that needs to go into fitness video production. 
  1. They have no idea what to do, and they need a partner who can guide them through the entire process.

At Endorphinz, we can supply any or all of the 5 key ingredients to fitness video production, whether it’s programming, providing talent, creating the set, the production itself, or the creative aspects.

Our sets are located in Tampa, Florida, but we service all of North America and are multi-channeled. We can travel to you, build you a production studio, or film your brand in any location.