3 Successful Brands Using Fitness Streaming and Live Video

Fitness Streaming and Live Video are essential in the business model of any modern day fitness brand. When you go live, you have given your content the ability to scale at a massive rate, a rate at which no one room in-person could fulfill. Let’s take a look at three fitness brands that use live fitness streaming and video-on-demand in their content strategy.

1. Overthrow NYC

For those who love the fancy footwork and the strategy that goes into learning to box, Overthrow NYC is a boxing club in Brooklyn and New York that offers plenty for their students. They have a homeschool subscription available for $11.99 per month that includes 4 classes on Zoom for students. They also offer live classes in their facility.

Monthly membership fees start at $125.00, but they include a host of options, and additional online fitness classes are only $16.00 each. They offer students both group and private sessions, and there are new workouts and meditation along with advice are updated on a daily basis.

2. Physique 57

A body in great shape has plenty of energy, and energy is what Physique 57 brings to the fitness table. They offer live and on-demand workouts, and each one is unique. There are virtual classes available with instructor feedback for those who want a more personal experience when it comes to fitness production, and IG Live is part of the package. Their video library contains more than three hundred workouts that cover all strengths and levels.

There are additional benefits with Physique 57 that are unique. In addition to their library, live classes and on-demand workouts, they also offer calendars and meal plans. Their workouts can be downloaded, they are adaptable to any size space, and members can create playlists.

They offer a generous free trial, and monthly membership starts at $24.99. For clients seeking a yearly membership, they offer one for just $249.99 that provides 2 free months of access to all their workouts.

3. DanceBody

Dancing has become a popular way to get fit without feeling like its work, and DanceBody has the moves. They have their own live fitness production that is offered as pay per view and an extensive on-demand library for those clients who prefer a scheduled workout to live stream. Classes are not just exercise, and they are designed to put fun into fitness.

There is a free trial for a chance to check out their programs, but they also have a good variety of workouts that have been opened for anyone to run. They are also one of the few studios that offers Instagram workouts. There are nine per week, and each one is a creative way to get fit while dancing the day away.

Memberships after the 7-day free trial are only $34.99 per month, and a yearly membership is $349.99. Get started now on dancing away those tired muscles or unwanted weight with their wide range of classes and online library that fit a wide range of devices.

Live streaming fitness video content is becoming more and more popular and brands are quickly realizing they need to adapt to the new age of fitness media or be left behind. Did you know Endorphinz offers comprehensive live streaming solutions to fitness brands? If you’re curious and want some free information, get in touch with us at 833.227.4469.