The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Video Production

First impressions are everything when building a brand. In the fitness industry, creating online content is an important part of making an authentic, on-brand impression for future clients, and ensures you solidify an ongoing fan base.  In this post, we’ll show you what it takes to create a high-quality fitness video production by explaining why … Read more

5 Creative Elements To Consider in the Production of Workouts

How much does it cost to make a fitness video? This is a very common question I get but is one of the hardest to answer because not all content is created equally. Imagine asking a car expert, “How much does a car cost?” They would probably ask you a list of follow up questions … Read more

5 Fitness Content Creators That Offer On Demand Video

There are many fitness content creators today offering on demand fitness. This week Endorphinz is highlighting a few standout fitness content creators who are currently offering on demand video content to their audiences. 1. William Heath, Founder of Mile High Run Club A former college athlete, William Heath had fallen into an unhealthy lifestyle while … Read more

3 Successful Brands Using Fitness Streaming and Live Video

Fitness Streaming and Live Video are essential in the business model of any modern day fitness brand. When you go live, you have given your content the ability to scale at a massive rate, a rate at which no one room in-person could fulfill. Let’s take a look at three fitness brands that use live … Read more

We Are Now Casting Fitness Trainers in Florida

Are you a fitness brand, fitness trainer, or fitness professional looking for on-camera opportunities? At Endorphinz we are now casting fitness trainers in Florida. After multiple video productions at our new Fitness Media Creator Lab location in Tampa Florida, we are ready for our next big shoot and it’s coming up fast! The fitness trainers … Read more

Key Takeaways From The Mindbody Wellness Index

2022 Mindbody Wellness Report and How To Use Fitness Content As A Solution Our founder, Mike Hansen, broke down Mindbody’s key industry data from their annual Wellness Index, providing his take on how to address the issues and opportunities discussed from a content and media perspective. 35% of those who started using virtual fitness during … Read more

First Look at the Fitness Media Creator Lab Production Studio

Make your fitness video content dreams come true! We are giving away 100 chocolate bars for the chance to win your own all-inclusive, complementary fitness production shoot in our newly launched Fitness Media Creator Lab with a single GOLDEN TICKET hidden inside one of the sweets. The Fitness Media Creator Lab is a production studio … Read more

Massive Fitness Opportunity For Someone to Win Big

Without announcing too many details we wanted to give a brief update that we will soon be giving away our biggest prize to date. This is an opportunity fitness professionals will not want to miss. Early next week we will announce what this giveaway entails, who is eligible, and what one lucky winner will receive … Read more

Beyond Fitness Services: Step Into The Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab

The new Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab goes beyond just fitness services, and offers a complete experience where fitness creators can tell their story while living and breathing fitness production. In this article we will guide you through the different areas inside the Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab in Tampa and give you a glimpse … Read more

6 Lucky Fitness Professionals to Receive Free Personalized Production Experience

6 Lucky Fitness Professionals to Receive Free Personalized Production Experience Endorphinz casting call for Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab in Tampa, FL. Apply to join us for a day like nothing you’ve experienced before as a fitness professional: Photoshoot – Headshots, Action Shots, and More Workout Video – Showcase Your Fitness Skills Group Fun – … Read more