We Are Now Casting Fitness Trainers in Florida

Are you a fitness brand, fitness trainer, or fitness professional looking for on-camera opportunities?
At Endorphinz we are now casting fitness trainers in Florida.

After multiple video productions at our new Fitness Media Creator Lab location in Tampa Florida, we are ready for our next big shoot and it’s coming up fast! The fitness trainers we’ve invited to join us on set already have enjoyed numerous perks, not typical of a standard production. We recently interviewed some of our new talent roster members and recorded a video of their first impressions.

We’re thrilled that everyone that has stepped foot in here has found the lab to be such a unique and positive experience. At Endorphinz we not only want you to be a part of producing amazing content with us, but we also want to hear your story.

If you want to inquire more about what you’ll find at our Fitness Media Creator Lab, what benefits talent get in working with us, or what to expect on set your first day, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you are a certified personal trainer, love to be on camera, can motivate others, and want to create videos in a professional fitness environment, please submit your headshot, reels, and resume to

Submissions are due by Friday, February 11th at 12pm EST.