Beyond Fitness Services: Step Into The Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab

The new Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab goes beyond just fitness services, and offers a complete experience where fitness creators can tell their story while living and breathing fitness production.

In this article we will guide you through the different areas inside the Endorphinz Fitness Media Creator Lab in Tampa and give you a glimpse at the possibilities this space can offer your fitness brand.

Recreation Area

Upon entering with the red carpet at your feet, to your right is the Endorphinz HQ recreation area. Here you will find a social media photo wall with the neon text “Fueled By Endorphinz” where you can take the perfect sharable selfie or have someone take a photo of you under the sign to show proof of your visit. Also, a pool table with led lighting awaits you for a nice leisure activity in between videos.


To the left, movable desks in an open workspace allow for you to tackle any computer related work or have meetings during busy production days. This area is perfect for collaboration to video edits, in-person presentations.

Lounge & VR Space

Across from the workspace, you will notice some unique swinging chairs hanging by chain from the ceiling, surrounding a table with 4 synced TV’s with LED lights surrounding them. Here is a lounge area for you to take a much deserved break or rest. Explore the metaverse here or watch a slideshow of your photos up on the TV’s to see preview h0w you look as a fitness superhero. If you’ve never experienced a swinging chair before, this is the perfect opportunity.

Endorphinz Bar

A few steps past the lounge area and you’ll arrive at the Endorphinz bar, full of foods that will give you energy and boost your Endorphinz while you’re enjoying the many other fitness services & video production services available to you. Drinks, chocolate, fruit, coffee, take your pick, take a seat and enjoy.

Studio Sets A & B

Across from the Endorphinz Snack Bar is the studio space where you make your fitness video content dreams come true. Multiple studio spaces are available where lighting and setup is tailored to your needs. Full-on professional video production takes place here and fitness video content is leveled-up by Endorphinz professional production crew that is there to assist you.

Multi-Use Editing Bays

Toward the back of the front main area are multiple private editing bay areas that can be used as private workspaces or places to edit fitness video. Each room has it’s own door and the walls are insulated to minimize sound and distractions while you get your work done.

Network Operations Center

Navigating into the rear location area of the space is a fully operational live broadcast operations center where live fitness shows can be monitored in real time.

Podcast Room

On the far side after entering the NOC the Endorphinz podcast room is located. You may notice the large neon Endorphinz logo through the door window. Here you can participate in exclusive Endorphinz interviews and share your story with the world. In traditional live audio broadcasting fashion, this room is insulated for peak sound performance.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual description tour of Endorphinz HQ. Join us soon in-person and let’s make your fitness content dreams a reality together.