5 Creative Elements To Consider in the Production of Workouts

How much does it cost to make a fitness video? This is a very common question I get but is one of the hardest to answer because not all content is created equally. Imagine asking a car expert, “How much does a car cost?” They would probably ask you a list of follow up questions … Read more

How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience

How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience Modern communications methods have provided wonderful opportunities for thousands of companies across the globe. The ability to create a product or service and sell it online is just one facet of modern business. For companies in the fitness production arena, it is a tool to bring … Read more

Post Production Tips and Tricks

You’re so close to sharing your fitness video with the world! You’ve strategically planned your content and executed a strong performance, earning yourself a successful production day. Now, comes the easy part, right? Maybe not. Post-production and video editing are equally important to your final product as the next stages of production. This is when … Read more

The Transition from Analog to Digital in the Business World

I remember back in 2008, when I worked on a project for the digital conversion and streaming of video games.  It was a revolutionary time for this type of software advancement, and also a completely new experience for video game development companies and their customers. Traditionally, video games were sold through countless marketing campaigns, game … Read more

Growing Your Fitness Brand with Instagram

Growing your fitness brands’s reach on Instagram (IG) won’t happen quickly. Creating a cult following and increasing engagement takes time and dedication, but as IG is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet with 1 billion users, it is extremely worth the effort to launch an Instagram growth strategy. Think of the … Read more

Key Tips On How to Grow Your Online Fitness Brand!

You’re more than halfway to securing a successful digital coaching business if you’re already creating fitness content, teaching, motivating and monetizing in your home or gym studio! You’ve already done the hard work, creating compelling content, connecting with a niche market and charging for your well thought out and motivating services of sweat and body … Read more

7 Pillars of Digital Marketing for your Fitness Streaming Business

The 101 on Digital Marketing to Better Connect with your Audience,  Drive Brand Awareness and Generate Leads Where is everyone spending their time (especially in today’s climate)? ONLINE! Digital Marketing is simply reaching your target market where they are most of the time, on their devices. If you are on social media, searching for specific … Read more

5 Questions to ASK Before you Start An Online Fitness Business

All of us within the health, fitness and wellness space are seeing and hearing the phrases #virtualfitness, #hybridclasses, and #anytimeanywhere. These are attached to online classes available via thousands of apps and now from even more boutique studios, gyms and clubs. Before “sheltering in place” was instituted due to Covid-19, people were engaging virtually with … Read more