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How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience

How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience

Modern communications methods have provided wonderful opportunities for thousands of companies across the globe. The ability to create a product or service and sell it online is just one facet of modern business. For companies in the fitness production arena, it is a tool to bring more clients into their business. It may seem that it would be enough to provide a great fitness content production that would help customers reach their goals, but retaining them can mean giving them a better connection with the company in the form of a brand story.

Developing Your Brand Story

Fitness is often about a journey to a healthier lifestyle, but few people want to remember where they began their own trek. They could be ashamed they let their body get out of shape, or a ghastly accident may have been a stumbling block in their daily fitness routine. No matter the reason why they need to use online fitness content production, keeping them motivated and loyal may be dependent upon the motivating story behind the company.

There are many ways to tell any story, and it is important to share with customers the uniqueness of it. Letting them know the core of the story and how it inspired and enabled a particular gym or fitness production to come into being is important. It is a way to help them identify with the company on a personal level.

Seeking a Hero

Motivation and loyalty are often difficult to quantify, but they are a real part of customer retention. Many fitness stories begin with a single person or a group motivated to have a better life. Finding a brand story within that is the best way to begin. Continuing on with the story is adding in the action of how that motivation turned into a production that helps others with their own fitness journey’s.

Identifying with the hero of the story and their journey is just a part of what a brand story contains. There are major obstacles to overcome in starting any business, and it is important to share them. It shows the humanity of the hero, and it provides the client with a view into how identifying with this particular brand can help them overcome their own obstacles.

One of the reasons to outline the difficulties is to connect with clients on an emotional level, and overcoming obstacles is often an experience shared with many. Relevance to the customer’s life or their own difficulties in any area can be a way to help them feel closer to the brand. All of this can be contained within the journey or history of the brand, and it can help clients feel they have a better reason to remain in their current membership to achieve their own goals.

Enhancing Customer Experience

It may seem the fitness journey alone would be sufficient for anyone using an online service to help them, but connecting with clients today is essential. The goal of telling a brand story is to help people find an emotional reason to remain connected and loyal to a particular company. Telling the story is about enhancing customer experience, and that alone can help with membership retention.

Any company can relay their statistical and factual information for clients, and it is often part of their presentation to help them choose a membership. Knowing existing clients have found success through joining or using a program can be a motivating factor. Unfortunately, it is not always what will keep people motivated enough to join or remain loyal. The brand story can be the most important part of the presentation.

The beauty of stories is that they reach people on a level far deeper than statistics or facts. They add in the human element to any product of service, and they can also connect on the emotional level. They give potential clients a context to see their own journey they are embarked upon, and they can show how success is achievable.

Appreciation for the struggles of others has always been a draw when it comes to telling a good story, and it is the same when using it as part of the company’s branding strategy. People are more apt to like a company willing to show their own struggles, and they can relate to the need for success. A good story can show the reason behind a company’s brand, and that alone could tip the balance in favor of a particular choice without the need to disparage the competition.

One other factor about a good story is the emotional connection it can provide. When a person is deeply affected by an emotional connection, it can enhance their memory in a positive way. Whenever the company they have related to best is mentioned or has a logo available, that potential client or member will tend to have a positive emotional reaction that will further tie them to the company.

Sharing the Message

People often find they have their own motivation for getting fit. They may be facing grave medical issues unless their lifestyle becomes healthier, or they may be recovering from a horrific event that has affected them profoundly. No matter their reason, they are often looking for a program where their needs are understood. Sharing the message that overcoming adversity is often part of the fitness journey. Letting potential customers and existing clients know their reasons for the journey are shared is just one more reason to tell the brand’s story.

A positive message in a negative situation is a good way to motivate people, but knowing their pain or difficulties are shared by others can uplift them. They may be seeking understanding on a level below the normal presentation, and the brand’s story can provide that. Being able to see their own struggles within another’s journey can tip the balance to attracting a loyal client.

Connecting with the public on a deeper level is a way to make a company memorable while generating success over and above the statistical facts and information provided. It is a way to help people choose a brand based on their unique history that makes them better able to help their clients.

Writing the brand story could seem like an insurmountable task, but it is an invaluable tool for a successful fitness content production. Endorphinz has experience in this arena, and knowledge of the right questions to ask can help the discovery of that core story that will help find and retain loyal customers.