10 Knockout On Demand Boxing Classes Fitness Content Creators Can Learn From

10 Knockout On Demand Boxing Classes Fitness Content Creators Can Learn From

The beauty of boxing is a combination that includes the mind, the body, and the spirit. For those just beginning their journey, it can be helpful to find the right program that will help develop all of these areas in an athlete. Here is a list of programs from fitness content creators who provide great on demand boxing workouts. While each person has their own measure of success, finding the program that fits the best can make every boxer a potential champion when it comes to mastering the moves and strategies embodied in boxing.

1. Title Boxing Club On Demand

A workout that combines all the elements of mind, body, and spirit is what Title Boxing offers. They offer a free trial for two weeks for those looking for a complete experience when it comes to learning or improving their boxing skills. Monthly rates start at $19.99, and a yearly membership is only $199.99.Their content is filled with routines that last between 5 and 45 minutes, and they can be done at home without the need for equipment. There are classes for those who are interested in kickboxing, agility, strength, and recovery workouts as well as traditional boxing. Check them out, and begin getting the most out of working with or without equipment on any level from beginner to advanced training.

2. BoxFit On Demand©


A 7 day free trial can get even the most timid boxing student on the path to a fit future here. There are equipment needs, but they are limited to a bag, gloves, skipping rope, kettlebell, and some light weights.

Those with boxing experience will find there is plenty for them when it comes to training. BoxFit offers workouts that are high intensity to burn calories, help cope with the issue of lactic acid, and they work on core strength as part of an overall strength training plan. Their workouts can be streamed on any device, and their memberships start at $23.00 per month. Prices go down with longer memberships, so check them out before choosing a program.

3. Sobekick Online Classes


Skill and fitness levels vary, so Sobekick has many different programs to accommodate a wide range of members. They have a 3 day free trial available, and their site offers a description of their classes for those interested in reading before signing up.

When it comes to boxing, fitness is key. This is one reason to choose Sobekick. Many of their workouts are designed specifically to get the body fit before engaging an opponent. They can help members burn calories, train for strength, and improve their mobility.

4. Box N Burn On Demand


Getting fit without the need for leaving home is all part of what Box N Burn offers members. They have a free trial available, and there are plenty of programs ready for members to get the most out of their fitness and boxing journey.

They have programs to help make excess weight melt away, and they offer strength training. Kids can also benefit from their educational programs that include workouts specifically for them. Getting started today can become a welcome exercise for the entire family.

5. Boxing and Barbells On Demand


Many have used the excuse they do not have time to work out, but Boxing and Barbells has found a way to help them get past that. They offer workouts that can be run at any time, and they come in time formats of 20, 30, and 45 minutes. It can be a great way to get fit with strength training, and even learning better boxing techniques without worrying about the time it will take.

They do have a free trial available for 7 days. There are a range of programs and classes available for those working out from home, and program prices vary. Check them out today and get started on a fitness journey that can be a fun and wild ride through the world of boxing.

6. Overthrow New York – Homeschool


When it comes to boxing, Overthrow New York believes no boxer should be left behind. Their membership is affordable at just $11.99 per month, and they are ready to train.

Lifestyle fitness is all part of the program coming from their historic facility at 9 Bleeker, and their trainers have many ways to help every member succeed. Strength training is just the beginning of their full-body workouts, and they offer coaching and music to help get a body moving. If it is time for a new lifestyle that includes boxing, then it is time to sign up with Overthrow.

7. Boxx – At Home


The good feeling from throwing punches at the bag is a big part of the experience offered at Boxx – At Home. They do have a free trial available for 7 days to help make it an easy decision to join their members in getting fit. They are based in the UK, but that is no bar to viewing their workout content online.

Yoga, HIIT, and boxing training are all included in their membership for those ready to work out at home. Their programs are designed for those who just want to get fit, or they can be for anyone wishing to improve their boxing skills. The goal is for members to feel good mentally and physically as they progress, and a boxing workout is meant to inspire them to new heights.

8. Total Boxer® On Demand


Northern London is where those who want to get fit, not get hit have been working out lately, and those classes are now available online. Their 7 day free trial is ready for those who want to see just what the action is, and there is plenty for them to get excited about as they go through the programs.

Boxing is fun in their high intensity classes that will get anyone into the best shape possible, and they offer classes for those just beginning with their get fit not hit program. Yoga has become a part of the world of boxing for those who need to work on their spirit, and that is also offered to members ready to increase their core strength while training.

9. NEOU Fitness E3 With Elena Moffa


A 7 day free trial is offered, but the starting price of just $5.00 per month may make this one of the best online programs for those who want to get fit immediately. There are plenty of programs for members, and they include boxing for those starting out or those who want more excitement and variety in their workouts.

The E3 program with Elena is a three-part workout designed to help improve fitness overall while testing each participant’s limits. Strength training and conditioning are the important components of boxing that are highlighted, and the only requirement is a positive attitude to advance in this amazing sport.

10. Gloveworx – GWX On Demand


When it is time to find something different and exciting, Gloveworx could be the best place to begin a new pathway to fitness. Their memberships online are tailored for those who are on the go, and they offer a large library of classes along with their 12 virtual training sessions each month. Online memberships start at $180.00 per month.

Strength training and boxing are both featured, but they also offer rest and recovery classes that stretch out muscles. Kids are included for family fun, and they can get boxing, strength, and conditioning workouts that are tailored to their needs.

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