Types of Fitness Production Studio Services That Can Benefit Your Fitness Brand

Types of Fitness Production Studio Services That Can Benefit Your Fitness Brand

Creating a fitness production studio to represent your brand experience can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. Fitness brands and creators need time to focus on keeping their audience engaged and building a fanbase. Therefore, studio development can cost a creator or brand time that they simply don’t have. Finding a location for your studio and determining the studio type, deciding on design elements, setting up production equipment, testing production equipment, and holding talent casting calls can all be an arduous part of the studio design & build process. At Endorphinz we offer multiple fitness studio services to set up the ideal studio to represent your brand and optimize the type of studio build to fit your exact needs. 

Design to Build Service

We complete the development of a fully operational production studio from start to finish. This is our comprehensive studio service that takes your all the way through the studio development process.

Temporary Studio

Need production now but have plans to move permanently? We can assist in creating a temporary fitness studio solution at the location you need to be in. 

Studio Conversion

We breathe new life into your existing fitness production studio and polish how your studio look & feel represents your fitness brand. 

Pro Studio Set

We can take a dedicated studio space and convert it to any type or style with green screen technology to optimize your fitness media production.

Planning sessions to go over every detail of the project and go over specs and requirements for your fitness studio design. We will concept and mock up designs and plans for your set and all the technical aspects and we look at your future fitness video production setup. Contractors are scheduled, equipment is acquired, and moving parts are aligned. Contact us to find out more at hello@endorphinz.net.