5 On Demand Fitness Brands Revolutionizing Digital Fitness

5 On Demand Fitness Brands Revolutionizing Digital Fitness

This week we wanted to highlight a few cornerstone brand examples of on demand fitness and what they are offering within the digital fitness industry.

Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club is a fitness boutique business with an emphasis on running and training for races. It offers a free trial period, and the goal is to get members off the start line so they can finish the race.

Strength training and curated runs are part of what members can get in livestream or on demand. Memberships are available at a monthly rate of $12.99, or clients can opt for an annual rate of $129.99 to get a full year of training to help with their personal goals.


SWERVE clients work their way to health and fitness with the company’s indoor cycling regimen. A free trial is available, and an on demand library is part of the service members receive. Workouts are created with several different instructors, and they are available to browse on the site whenever clients are ready to experience a great fitness ride.


DanceBody is a leading fitness company that features a combination of the elements of traditional workouts with dance to create a unique experience for members. Getting fit can be fun, and the journey can all begin with a 7-day free trial. Memberships are $34.99 a month, or clients can invest in a year of workings for $349.99.

Digital platforms are available through DanceBody LIVE, and they include both livestream and on-demand workouts for people on the go. Working out from home is all part of the experience members can access as they work their body into the shape they desire for a healthier lifestyle.


CitySweat offers a free trial period, and they have more than seventy on-demand workouts available. There are 3 weekly live classes as well, and all of them feature dance cardio and a full-body workout without equipment.

Because CitySweat Creator Meghan McFerran believes the journey should be fun, there are monthly challenges to help sculpt the body and add energy as fitness becomes a regular part of life. Members enjoy workouts that are both safe and fun, and they can become part of the exciting world of wellness that will challenge their mind, body, and spirit to be their best.


The need for most people to have space is not particularly necessary when the choice for an online membership is with ConBody. Their founder, Coss Marte, had a unique vision to bring to the world of fitness, and it has been realized in his company. Each workout offered in livestream or on-demand is centered around using only the space allotted for individuals who have been imprisoned in cells. That lack of space has been part of the driving force behind choosing the instructors, the exercises, and the mission that surrounds this company.

There is a free trial available, and the low price of $14.00 per month allows members unlimited access to on-demand workouts that can be done in a small area at home. The company further offers access to their authentic community of both members and their trainers from across the globe.