5 Fitness Media Elements to Improve Your Content Experiences

Including the right fitness media elements and strategies at the right times can take you from sub-par content experiences to exceptional content experiences for your audience. He we will cover a few key elements to help your fitness media production stand out from the crowd.

1. Talent

At the heart of good fitness media content is good talent. Making sure that you have top tier talent is key to creating content. Here at Endorphinz we can not only help train your staff’s In-studio and on camera skills, but also assist with casting calls to find the right fit for your talent needs. We take pride in our preparation and planning for everything that we do. This includes rehearsals with your talent, providing real time feedback, and training to make sure your team is camera ready!

2. Music

Music is a game changer. Not only does it bring life to your content, but it compliments your visuals. The impact that it makes on the viewer is undeniable, it creates extra motivation, brings out emotion, and a tempo that brings the personal feel to your content. Music also allows the trainers to provide an intense workout with a great flow to their exercises, which in the end translates from the talent to the audience performing at higher level. Keep your audio and music channels in separate streams. Make sure to read all of the fine print with music licensing details to know the terms in and out of your music license. Leave it to the experts to handle all technicalities of your live broadcast. 

3. Programming

There is no need to reinvent the structure of your workouts or programming when it comes to content. Staying true to your program and applying it to the digital world should come across as an authentic experience. Keep your choreography flexible and flowing for all audience members to stay engaged. While making content, keep workouts organized by sections or chapters so that the audience can easily pick up at specific chapters later on based on their interest and fitness level. Maintain consistency in your work outs while also offering a variety in movements and exercise types to keep the content engaging for your audience. Include additional sectors such as shoulder programming to include a variety of channels simultaneously to offer a dynamic multi-platform experience.

4. Experience

The set experience is everything. Creating a variety of looks, feels, and designs keeps your audience engaged and excited. Utilizing electronics, green screens, or projections can help create a unique feel to your content, where as others have the same consistent boring feel and lose audience engagement. Not only do you want an eye catching design, but you need great acoustics and lighting. Quality lighting can change a set from “Good” to “Great”. Keep things flexible and interesting for your audience. Create content in multiple locations such as vacation spots, at home, or even in a studio to keep that gym feel. Give the viewer different views, camera angles, and ensure that you’re providing the unique content experience. 

5. Technology

Using a video player can really help in delivering your modality experience. The idea here is to create that personal and consistent feel. Engaging with your audience is another key to success while creating content. Providing a graphic overlay with the workout to track progress and encourage a competitive feel can enhance the user’s experience. Working out from home has become the norm, so being able to provide data from equipment and technology is a game changer for tracking progress during these classes. Everyone loves the personal feel, so also having that instructor and user communication really drives someone to push harder and get their full potential out of a work out. Reach your audience on all platform types that are available for Thomas maximum content exposure. Be sure content is optimized for each platform, including responsive design for your web properties.