Network Operations Center Deep Dive at Endorphinz HQ

Network Operations Center Deep Dive at Endorphinz HQ

Can you tell us a little bit about your story and background Zach?

Sure thing, I graduated from the University of South Florida this past summer with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. I know, not exactly tech related. I’ve always had an inherent draw towards the sciences and thoroughly enjoyed my time studying it and working with the USF Research faculty during my time there.

As for my tech experience, I’m blessed that I was involved in a sport and a close friend let me create a live broadcast for his league. What started out as a small time experiment for the most part, expanded into a large scale production in a short number of years. I fully credit the experience that granted me my position at Endorphinz, to him allowing us to create that first broadcast.

What is the most exciting aspect to you about being a Network Operations Center Broadcast Operator for Endorphinz?

Endorphinz is on the cutting edge of broadcasting. There isn’t a day that passes where we aren’t looking at new and exciting things to build off of. No day is like the last.

Can you explain more about how the Endorphinz HQ NOC functions and what it is?

The Network Operations Center at Endorphinz functions as a master hub for all of our broadcasting work across the country. Every AV feed can be accessed from here and we can route each to a different source, or all to the same if needed. We use it to build out our future production equipment, test new broadcasting material and ideas, and monitor all of our currently running shows.

What role does technology play in storytelling and building audience connections?

I think it’s more evident now than ever before that technology IS how you succeed at storytelling and building an audience. Whether you’re looking at YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, or your own service that you provide, it has never been more important than now to connect with your audience. Technology allows you to do that in a much more relevant and immediate and immersive way than ever before. There are many successful tracks to gaining an audience and showing off your story in today’s sphere, and every one of them involves utilizing technology to do so.