Fitness Technology Summit: A Digital Approach to Reaching Members With Mike Hansen

If you are attending The Fitness Technology Summit. Make sure to join our Founder, Mike Hansen who is speaking on A Digital Approach to Reaching Members. He has a unique approach to leveraging digital and content which could impact your business model.

Specifically, Mike will be speaking on day 3 of the event at 9:05 am eastern time. You can purchase tickets to the event or read more on the official event page. You may also learn more about the Fitness Technology Summit on the event’s official website. Here is a description of the Fitness Technology Summit featured on the event’s home page:

“The Fitness Technology Summit brings together operators and experts from a wide range of functional areas to learn relevant and actionable insights from industry leaders, explore new and tested technologies as we come out of the most significant and transformative year for our industry, and be inspired by each other. 

Take part in innovative panel sessions, roundtables and networking activities with some of the most influential leaders across fitness, healthcare, retail and hospitality. From digital transformation to omni-channel strategies and member communication, you will walk away with a wealth of information and inspiration.”

If you are interested in sitting down to talk with Mike about your business or have questions on your content, digital workouts, and more. Send us a message at and we will get you connected right away.