Live Fitness & Entertainment Will intersect At Endorphinz HQ

After extensive planning and preparation our new office space where live fitness & entertainment intersect is close to opening day. Introducing Endorphinz HQ in Tampa Florida. Our Home Office is welcoming, productive, and brings Endorphinz to the forefront. Of the included multiple spaces a multitude of activities, equipment, and leisure areas create a space where there is something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

The new space features a live fitness broadcast area where live productions can be captured on-site. As live broadcasting for fitness professionals & brands is one of the fundamental offerings we can presents to our partners, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to now produce in-house. You can’t have Endorphinz without “endorphins” which is why the new office will also feature a comprehensive fitness zone where visitors and staff alike can get their fill or natural endorphins.

Speaking of staff, Endorphinz HQ features extensive editing bays where our team of post-production professionals can polish live & on-demand content efficiently and in style alongside the other amenities of the location. When a visitor needs to kick-back Endorphinz R&R break zones will provide just the right remedy to feel rested and refreshed.

Did we mention the bar? There will also be an “Endorphinz Bar” featuring snacks and beverages that naturally boost your endorphins. Grab a snack or a drink and feel good.

We can’t express fully in words how excited we are to share this new space with our partners and staff and look forward to inviting you to our new home on opening day when everything is complete.