Apple is Turning to Digital Fitness In Their Next Series of Innovations

It was only a matter of time before Apple got into the digital fitness space. Bloomberg originally reported in August that the tech giant was restructuring things under their Apple One umbrella, bundling several services like Apple TV and Apple Music together at a lower monthly price. 

In that announcement came the addition of a virtual fitness streaming service, codenamed “Seymour.” The workout classes will be accessible via Apple’s higher-tiered subscription bundle and, hopefully, challenge industry leaders like Nike and Peloton. 

Apple Fitness will have virtual fitness classes available that can be streamed via an app on the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. While “Seymour” is the placeholder now, this service very likely could be renamed Apple Fitness because in iOS14, the iPhone Activity app that links to the Apple Watch is being renamed to Fitness. 

There is thought that in addition to digital fitness videos, this new service could offer programs related to running, cycling, weight training and stretching. It should also have the ability to track your progress, similarly to how the Apple Watch and Activity app already function. 

In Apple’s latest preview of the watch OS7, they showed that the device had the ability to chart core training, dance, functional strength training and cooldown times, so these options may also be incorporated. 

What this move from Apple says to anyone listening, is that if you have a brand, you should be in the fitness streaming game. Each fitness offering is unique and, you, as a brand creator, have the ability still to reach an untapped market. 

Endorphinz are eager to see how Apple will launch this and are ready and waiting for their grand entry into the market. If you want to expand your virtual fitness platform we are here to help. 

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