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How to Create Digital Coaching Programs

During these uncertain times, embarking on a plan to create digital coaching programs has never been more relevant. Many instructors and fitness coaches are looking for ways to monetize their business outside of the traditional model and an online platform offers seemingly endless possibilities.

You can now take your fitness coaching talents worldwide, or still service a small, specific niche audience that loves what you do. There are multiple tools, technologies and services that can help you build your digital coaching business. 

With those opportunities, however, come a slew of different questions. Figuring out things like how to build a client base, price your services for an online marketplace and finding strategies to stand out amongst the crowd can seem challenging at first, but if you attack each problem individually, success will follow.

Fortunately, we have a step-by-step approach that you can take to create the perfect digital coaching program that showcases your strengths.

1. Be Committed to Build

Rome was not built in a day, right? The same can be said for your fitness coaching program. It is going to take time to build and will require you to set goals related to what kind of money you want to make, the impact you want to have and what lifestyle you want to lead. There is no magic business plan that exists online to create immediate business success, so remain patient as you pursue your journey of becoming a successful fitness coach.

2. Know Your Audience

One thing that is important to remember is that, as someone who specializes in fitness coaching, you cannot be everything to everyone. People have different fitness goals, based on things like their previous level of training and what types of digital coaching programs they want. You may know that you can help anyone with what they aim to achieve through movement, but focusing your offerings can actually make you stand out in the crowd. Also, going above and beyond to really research your audience can give you invaluable insights into their struggles and allow you to cater to them on a deeper level.

3. Know Your Value

Another step when building your digital coaching center that requires a great deal of research is evaluating how to price your programs. It is essential to know what your competitors are doing what differentiates you. You also want to be fair to yourself because bargain basement prices will only diminish the value of your services. Come to a happy medium at the end, one that factors in the market and as well as your own worth as an instructor. 

4. Get an Initial Client Base You Can Grow With

You do not need fancy gimmicks to get a great start on building your fitness coaching business online. Tap into your network of personal connections to get off the ground with a base group of people and build from there. If you are taking your instructing virtual after providing it at a brick-and-mortar location, show those people how you are going to offer your existing clients the same or better service online. People are results-oriented, so show them a vision they can believe in.

5. Scale Your Digital Coaching Programs

Now you are really rolling and ready to take this online coaching business to the next level. This is where you find a way to spend less time client facing, while still growing your client base and achieving results for them. One way you can do this is by building an online community, where your group can interact, exchange ideas and provide solutions for any issues that pop up. This is also a great time to ramp up your efforts with content marketing and digital advertising.

6. Bring in Help

At this stage, your online fitness coaching business has blossomed to the point where you need to bring in others to help you manage day-to-day operations. This could include people who deal with memberships, a social media manager, technology consultants or something else. Never be afraid to take this step because, ultimately, you will be freeing yourself up and become a better instructor as a result.

We call know content is king so your offer at its core is key. But as you can see there is a lot more that goes into creating a digital coaching program. Think about the overall strategy and see if from concept to delivery. Your fanbase will thank you and you will be well on our way to creating a comprehensive online fitness business from commitment to audience to back-up!

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