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Studio Designer and Art Director Steven Buono Talks Fitness Services

Studio Designer and Art Director Steven Buono Talks Fitness Services and the Fitness Industry:

Can you tell us a little bit about your story and background Steven?

I am a designer with a vast skill set. I thrive on learning new skills and software, problem solving, and the continual growth of my knowledge. I have worked within the Game and Movie industries, then made moves to the Architectural, Construction / Design build world. I am a creative designer by heart, and love everything that relates to the 3D world. I believe the mind can create worlds that many would say are impossible. I view the world differently than most, and have a passion for work I produce. I love my family and wife, yet thrive to keep them as my forefront of importance.

How did you hear about Endorphinz?

I found Endorphinz via a posting and began following social media. As I learned more I became attached, then the posting of a lifetime, a position in which I could bring my mind and skills to Endorphinz door front. So I applied and here I am. The atmosphere is amazing and welcoming.

What is the most exciting aspect to you about designing for Endorphinz as an Art Director?

Finding the Solution to the unknown and filling in the gaps in others minds. Then most of all the smile and excitement on the clients face when it all comes together.

What do you think the biggest challenge is that gyms are now facing in 2021?

Innovations, growth, and development. Hints the magic that Endorphinz brings to the front.

Where do you see the future of digital fitness classes going?

The moon and back. The possibilities are endless, and the growth is exponential. Digital Fitness will grow to a level that typical gyms will become the past and the new gyms become an alternative reality.

What role does design play in storytelling and building audience connections?

Design is the beginning, middle and end of all storytelling and audience building processes. It’s where it begins, drawing attention to the tasks and unanswered thoughts, driving through creation of gathering all elements known and unknown. Making them one, and bringing a solution. Then pulling the audience in with an inviting environment that catches their attention.

What is the latest project you are working on right now at Endorphinz?

Endorphinz HQ – Temp, NYSC Tracked System Studio Design, Innovation of the 3 Prototype Studio templates – Endorphinz standards.

Many more in the fire but the above are the furthest along.

What is one piece of design advice you’d give a new gym owner or fitness creator starting out in the industry and setting up a studio for digital?

To think about their audience, and how their studio would reflect and enhance their messages.

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