Tips and Tricks for Video Production to Create Quality Video Content

If you are an experienced fitness pro who is looking to dive into the digital space, you may have no idea how to begin when it comes to the process of video production. Undoubtedly, the quality behind your video content will ultimately decide how quickly you can grow your business as a fitness influencer, so this is an area you will need to put great time and detail into. 

You can have the best programs, a mastery of your target audience, and may already have a large social media following, but you need to nail the delivery component of your offerings. We have come a long way since the VHS fitness boom of the ‘80s and ‘90s and the sophistication behind fitness online video creation is rapidly increasing. 

Many people are turning to expensive video production companies in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, but shelling out thousands of dollars for a production crew may not be the smartest way to grow. Here are some simple video production tips you can put into action right now! 

  1. Be original 

There is an inclination, especially when you start out developing your fitness programs, to look at what other people are doing and be a copycat. Scrap that idea right now! You already know what drew you to the space and what makes you unique. Channel those passions to provide original content. Ultimately, freeing yourself up to be authentic in front of the camera will also make you more comfortable, making your online production more fun, effective and compelling. 

  1. Don’t wing it 

While you do not want to mimic other fitness influencers, you also need to be armed with a production roadmap. Create a loose outline or storyboard for each class or session. Think about the staging of the video in advance. Know where you want to set-up and how you want the participants and equipment positioned. A great tip is to visualize things while planing out your video content the same way you would in real life.  

  1. Sound quality matters 

One of the most common things that people complain about during any type of live video is the sound or volume. Especially with the level of movement you are going to have throughout, you want to make sure you are never too quiet for the audience. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to test, test, test. There are all sorts of wireless mics on the market you might also want to consider that will allow for easier movement along with higher quality audio.

  1. Lighting is also key 

While not quite as vital as your sound, you want the people tuning into your video productions to be able to see you clearly. It is important that if you have invested in lights, that they are set up properly and you are not left under or overexposed. If additional lighting is not an option, make sure your “studio” or room has enough natural light that you come through well on video. 

  1. Post-production keys 

If you are taking your live workout videos and repurposing them for use on another platform like YouTube, there are several things you can do to add some pizzazz to the production. Consider using editing tools to not only keep your message on brand and consistent, but to also be creative and unique. Using royalty-free, background music can keep the energy of the video high. Lower-third video text at crucial moments can help your participants understand what they are doing and why!

Ultimately, understand that video is king today, no matter which digital platform you are using. People enjoy interacting with live videos significantly more than any other type of content and social media platforms are more likely to feature live videos or video-focused posts. 

While fitness video creation may seem like a daunting task for beginners at first, once you take the video production process step-by-step, it will get easier and even more enjoyable. So get out there, get prepared and start making some must-see video content!