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10 Live Fitness Classes That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Live Fitness Classes That Will Blow Your Mind

Getting fit and staying there is an important part of modern life, but it can take a huge chunk out of any schedule. For those who prefer to get the most out of their time, working out from home can offer a great way to exercise without the commute. It may take time to find just the right exercise regimen, but it will be worthwhile when those workouts begin to show up in terms of feeling great and looking spectacular.

The on-demand world of today offers plenty of options for those eager to flex their muscles at home. Classes can be provided through online subscriptions, and they can be either live stream or on-demand. Looking for options is about what is exciting and inspirational while providing all the necessary moves to get fit and stay there.

Looking at Options

There are plenty of choices, so it is time to begin narrowing the field with a few helpful tips on what to look for when searching. Remember that each company can have very different subscription prices, scheduling, and they may be available only for streaming. One more item to consider is the variety that is offered. An exercise program that grows old and stale may not be one worthy of more than a trial period, so here are a few ABC’s to get down to business.

Always check the qualifications and training of the instructors. Exercise can involve injuries when not performed properly, and a fully trained and qualified presenter can help avoid them. Take the time to read through all the information on those demonstrating exercises and presenting online fitness classes.

Before signing up, make sure to understand the equipment and space needed to follow a particular live fitness production. The cost of equipment can be high for some programs, and others could require a great deal of space that may not be available. Knowing before signing means being able to correctly judge whether or not a program will fit into the budget and the exercise area comfortably.

Class schedules for any live production fitness program will be run in the time frame where the production is being taped. Make sure not to miss a live stream due to an error in calculating the time difference between where the stream is being presented and where viewing will take place. It can be a major disappointment when missing a particular class, and that alone can dampen the enthusiasm of anyone ready to get fit.

Do take the time to read all of the terms and conditions. An online offering might look good, but what does it really provide should be a question to ask. Look for the fee schedule, any equipment costs and possible free trials. The terms and conditions section should also provide information on the length of the contract. Some offer monthly programs, but others could only have yearly contracts.

Exercising to get fit or stay there should be an enjoyable personal journey. Finding the right programs that offer plenty of inspiration helps with those first steps, and it can make a difference when a plateau has been reached. Being able to push through often depends upon motivation, and a great exercise program can offer that.

Choosing a program should be about what keeps the home exerciser logging back in to get more of a workout whenever they need it. It should include the types of exercise they like such as fancy footwork when boxing or dancing, great upper body moves, toning, stretching, and even some fun as the body gets what it needs for a healthier lifestyle.

The Top Ten Fitness Programs Online Today

1. Elements Fitness Studio

Dancers and dedicated athletes in need of precision moves may be very familiar with the barre originally of ballet dance fame. It is a series of exercises that stretch the muscles, providing toning, and they also help achieve great core body strength. Elements fitness studio offers a wide range of packages for beginners, advanced exercises, and even groups. Their wellness journey includes barre exercises, stretch series, toning, and an opportunity to get fit as an individual, in a group, or as part of a corporate fitness plan.

Their seven day free trial offers an opportunity to check out their livestream classes. They also have online wellness and fitness videos. Monthly membership starts at $14.99 per month, or a yearly membership can be had for just $149.99 per year.

They are invested in helping their clients manage every element of their daily fitness with programs available at any time and place. Your wellness journey can begin as soon as you join.

2. Overthrow NYC

For those who love the fancy footwork and the strategy that goes into learning to box, Overthrow NYC is a boxing club in Brooklyn and New York that offers plenty for their students. They have a homeschool subscription available for $11.99 per month that includes 4 classes on Zoom for students. They also offer live classes in their facility.

Monthly membership fees start at $125.00, but they include a host of options, and additional online fitness classes are only $16.00 each. They offer students both group and private sessions, and there are new workouts and meditation along with advice are updated on a daily basis.

3. Surfset

The weather outside does not matter when signing up with Surfset for on-demand or livestream classes. No equipment is necessary to get started on enjoying an endless summer while getting fit. They offer a mix that provides cardio and strength training.

The feeling of fitness will happen while experiencing their total-body workout for any level of participant, and their master trainers make it fun and efficient to get healthy while enjoying the feeling of riding the waves.

Livestream classes are held through Zoom, and the instructions are emailed with a playlist half an hour before class begins. For those who want on-demand, there is a two day replay. Each class can be viewed for up to 48 hours, and the number of views are unlimited.

Prices on memberships start at $25.00 for two months for those who prefer to head out of the house for their workout. Livestream and on-demand pricing is currently on a donation basis that may change soon. Visit the website for more information about online classes and participation.

4. Y7 Studio

Yoga may seem intimidating to those who have yet to experience it, but it is an excellent path to health and fitness for any level practitioner. At Y7, on-demand classes are added each week and streamed. Each one includes its own playlist, and they are open to all levels.

If it is time to explore the benefits of yoga or see what is on offer, there is a free trial 7-day available. When it is time to get started, members start at $16.00 per month, or a yearly membership is $170.00. Videos can also be purchased individually.

Y7 offers a range of classes, and membership includes access to The Energy Series. Getting started with their qualified instructors is a welcome breath of fresh air, and each class gives participants a process for each move. The first is a breakdown of how to proceed through each move correctly, then there is the challenge of doing the move at normal speed. The final step in the process is adding or subtracting from each move to create a customized experience. Yoga at Y7 is for all levels, offers unlimited flows, and the adventurous will find new formats are available.

5. Chelsea Piers Fitness

Membership with Chelsea Piers offers a wide variety of classes that are offered on-demand and livestream. Strength, cardio, barre, flexibility, yoga, meditation, mobility and HIIT are all part of their subscription for members. This is fitness production at a high level.

Flexibility is important for many, and there are a variety of packages available. Prices for membership are available through email. The current selection on online workouts range from a quick 5 minutes to nearly a 20 minute workout that will lead to a fitter and better lifestyle.

6. Mantra Fitness

Pilates are the start of workouts at Mantra, and they continue on to provide strength, balance and flexibility to members looking for classes without leaving home. Workouts are designed to strengthen, tone and lengthen the whole body, and they are designed with health and safety.

Classes provide a half hour workout, and they cost only $34.95 per month. This membership fee includes unlimited virtual classes for an opportunity to work out without leaving home and getting fit and staying there. On-demand is all part of their offering, and weekly workout sessions are available through the site.


Pregnancy and motherhood can take a toll on fitness, so getting into shape matters. That is why a series of exercise programs designed specifically for women with infants and children is an excellent choice. FIT4MOM offers a wide variety of options that can take mom back to the world of healthy living. There is a live virtual studio with 13 options per week to view, and it includes knowing there is a live group to provide mom with the support she needs while working out at home.

Membership is just $79.00 to start, and there is a free trial available. For moms who must take a break, a membership can be put on hold for up to 4 months. That is just one of the reasons why joining FIT4MOM is a great idea for those women who want a workout without it eating into the already filled day.

8. ConBody

The world can contain limited space for those who still need a great workout, so getting fit with Conbody could be a unique and perfect choice. Limited originally by their living quarters in cells, these former incarcerated individuals designed workouts that do not need a large area to get the body toned and ready for a healthy lifestyle.

Their program has both live and on-demand classes, and their library of videos is updated with additional material on a regular basis. Their mission is to help the world get fit, and their message is upbeat. Partnered with several non-profit organizations, their goal is to take their community and clients to a better level of life.

A free trial is available, and monthly membership is an affordable $14.00 per month. If it is time to get started on a fitness routine that can be done in a limited area, a membership with ConBody can be an inspiring choice.

9. Physique 57

A body in great shape has plenty of energy, and energy is what Physique 57 brings to the fitness table. They offer live and on-demand workouts, and each one is unique. There are virtual classes available with instructor feedback for those who want a more personal experience when it comes to fitness production, and IG Live is part of the package. Their video library contains more than three hundred workouts that cover all strengths and levels.

There are additional benefits with Physique 57 that are unique. In addition to their library, live classes and on-demand workouts, they also offer calendars and meal plans. Their workouts can be downloaded, they are adaptable to any size space, and members can create playlists.

They offer a generous free trial, and monthly membership starts at $24.99. For clients seeking a yearly membership, they offer one for just $249.99 that provides 2 free months of access to all their workouts.

10. DanceBody

Dancing has become a popular way to get fit without feeling like its work, and DanceBody has the moves. They have their own live fitness production that is offered as pay per view and an extensive on-demand library for those clients who prefer a scheduled workout to live stream. Classes are not just exercise, and they are designed to put fun into fitness.

There is a free trial for a chance to check out their programs, but they also have a good variety of workouts that have been opened for anyone to run. They are also one of the few studios that offers Instagram workouts. There are nine per week, and each one is a creative way to get fit while dancing the day away.

Memberships after the 7-day free trial are only $34.99 per month, and a yearly membership is $349.99. Get started now on dancing away those tired muscles or unwanted weight with their wide range of classes and online library that fit a wide range of devices.