Fitness Stories: Q&A With Brent Rusnak From Endorphinz

So tell us how you found out about Endorphinz?

I had been looking to take the next step in my career & fitness story and had a goal to return to Tampa, FL, as I previously lived there.

So I was actually on LinkedIn just browsing different roles in Tampa within the Fitness Industry and came across Endorphinz.

After doing some research about Endorphinz and seeing what they were all about, I was very intrigued and excited about the opportunity to continue working with Fitness Franchises and influencers, particularly on the industry’s content side. 

Tell us more about your personal fitness stories and how you got started in the fitness industry?

I went to college intending to study Sports Marketing. I have always been interested in the sports industry, but fitness changed my life after graduating college. It became my lifestyle, I transformed my body, changed my life, and realized that I wanted to help others do the same. 

I went from being the one asking for help to providing the assistance, which was terrific whether it came from a physical standpoint or nutritional.

My love for fitness grew, I began personal training, which ultimately leads to running the Sales/Personal Training department at a very well-known gym in Tampa, FL.

From there, I transitioned into the consulting side of fitness, where I could blend my love for fitness and my business degree. Working with top industry brands, helping them improve their business models, and building relationships lit that fire for me again, which led me to Endorphinz. I love working with people who have the same passion as myself, fitness & fitness storytelling. One day, my ultimate goal is to open my own gym or have a fitness brand that I can grow myself. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge gyms face in 2021?

The apparent struggle right now is COVID-19. But I think the pandemic has caused many organizations to adapt to On-demand, live streaming, home workouts, and they are not used to that. Gyms were always a place for people to go, and know that sometimes that isn’t an option; adapting your organization to that On-demand strategy can be a struggle. 

Some brands refuse, and others fully commit and succeed. Another struggle is providing quality content, differentiating themselves from others, and ensuring that their clients/members still get that authentic gym feel while getting a great workout. 

Providing options, adapting to our industry, and still connecting with their members is key to keeping their business afloat. 

What types of studio services does Endorphinz offer?

We have a handful of options when it comes to our studio offers, and they will continue to grow as we do. But for now, I will list the ones that are most popular and effective today. 

The first type of studio is a “Design To Build” studio. This is where you or your organization have a dedicated space for your studio, have a vision of how you want it to look, and we completely personalize and build the studio to your vision. 

This can include sizing, lighting, animations, screens, logos, and much more. 

Another type of studio we provide is our “Temporary Studio”. This is where you might have a space in your current gym and want to dedicate that space as your studio for LIVE streaming, on-demand classes. 

We help with the entire process of setting up that specific area so that it functions as a professional studio, including the cameras, lighting, audio, and a full production team. 

We also provide our “Pro Studio Set”. This is where we can take dedicated studio space and convert it into any type or style of the studio with our green screen technology. 

This type of studio can create unique looks, portray you in specific locations, and provide that personalized feel for your studio. 

Lastly, we have our “Studio Conversion”. The Studio Conversion is when you come to us with an existing studio but want to completely convert the studio spacer to match a theme, specific branding, or particular look you want for your content. We take your space and completely redo everything so that it is the studio you envisioned. 

What is one piece of advice you’d give a new gym owner or fitness creator starting in the industry and telling fitness stories? 

Find a way to differentiate yourself. Everyone is opening gyms or creating content. Invest your time, effort, and money into a quality organization that can take your brand to the next level and produces content that will set you apart from the rest. 

Anyone can record on their phone and post edited videos from an app. Find a company like Endoprhinz that genuinely cares about its people, creates unique content experiences, and customizes everything to your brand. Be adaptable, open-minded, and trust that we provide experts at every level to set you up for success. Your fitness story needs to be shared.

What is one crucial production element you see many fitness brands missing the mark on?

The one thing that drives me crazy when seeing brands or influencers posting content, and everything is stationary. They usually film on a cell phone camera that is propped up, straight on, or low quality. Working out is about the experience & fitness stories, I want to feel excited about the content I am watching, not just a random clip or stream that bores me. Others want to see dynamic storytelling which is why we have a service that specifically tells your fitness story through professional content development. 

A quality experience with music, a moving camera to get different angles, simple animations, fitness stories, and anything interactive to keep your viewers excited is crucial to growing your fan base. Everyone’s content looks the same nowadays, but that’s due to the convenience factor of a cell phone. The difference at Endorphinz is that we can blend all of the hats with our production side and create something unique and exciting for you.

Remember, your fitness story matters and Endorphinz can help tell your fitness stories.