Fitness Media Production That Keeps Your Audience Coming Back

Create Fitness Content That Keeps Your Audience Coming Back

The last few decades have seen enormous change in the world of fitness media production as companies move online. Customers today are looking for a complete experience whether they are purchasing a product or a service. They want to know their purchase matters to the company, and they want something more than a hasty thank you for your order email. Staying connected with customers, giving them quality service, and even offering them motivation is all part of working in the field of fitness video production.

Producing top quality live stream or archived workout videos is an important part of engaging and retaining clients, but a successful fitness media production will offer even more. If you are breaking into the field without the engagement expected, take a look at these tips that may help get your audience revved up and ready to connect on a regular basis.

Offer to Educate Your Audience

Businesses today can succeed or fail based on how their customers perceive them, and online businesses need to step up if they want their share of the market. One way to catch and retain customers is to help them learn about the business. Facts are important, but presentation is also a key factor when it comes to gaining audience attention and retaining it.

Jill Brown, of Jill Brown Fitness, has some great advice in this area. She engages her own audience by offering them information to help them learn more. She does it through social media posts that are informative. One more way she connects is to ask questions and answer them. She has found this is an excellent way to get customers interested in reading longer posts because it draws them in with curiosity. They want to know the answer to the question, but they can only get it if they read the post.

Inspire Your Customers with Motivational Posts

When it comes to fitness, motivation is often a difficult component for people to retain. They may have hit a plateau, or the workouts they are trying could feel overwhelming. Helping them find their own motivation is generally easier in a face-to-face situation, but that does not exclude connecting with them to supply some good motivation.

Jarrett Janako is the owner of HIIT House LA and Gym by Janako, and he has found social media can help with inspiring an audience when it comes to motivation. His use of motivational videos is to help his audience keep working toward their goals. Customers often need a personal connection to inspire them, and this is a large part of Janako’s success in this area. He understands that reaching their goals will make them feel good, and he is the source of inspiration that motivated them to get there. That alone can help create a deeper connection with the audience and spread the word.

Mandatory High Production Quality in All Videos

When it comes to online customers, quality is important. While any video used to be acceptable, today’s standards for a fitness video production have raised the bar. Working out and sharing it online is about an audience that expects professionalism. They want a polished production that lets them know they are getting the best possible workout, and they will stay with a provider that gives them exactly what they want.

When it comes to engaging audiences with an archived workout or a live steam video, Jill Dailey of The Dailey Method has some excellent advice. She focuses on good lighting, good audio equipment and quality. A branded studio setting is also something he advises you to provide for your clients.

Today’s audiences in the fitness market are much more savvy and aware of quality in an online production. Any live or archived video going out to your clients should be of the highest quality because they will notice it. It is important before production begins to ensure the set is perfectly arranged, the talent is ready for presentation, the audio and lighting are set. Equipment checks before starting are essential, and using reliable equipment with the right people to operate it is a key element for that great video your audience expects.

Engage Your Audience Frequently and Consistently

Considering every day as a new opportunity to connect with an audience is a good way for a fitness media production to excel in today’s competitive marketplace. Audiences want more and the internet gives them the opportunity to find it. If you are thinking about reducing your online presence, then it might be time to think again. Providing consistently high quality video on a regular basis is what customers want.

Rachel Robinson is the Director of Trainer Development at Barrys and she is also known from MTV’s The Challenge. A successful online presence, her advice is to build trust with your audience by providing them with a consistent time and quality cast. She connects regularly with her audience, Monday through Friday, at 8:30 in the morning, East Coast time. She believes this stable workout schedule allows her to create a deeper connection with her audience.

Her motivation for connecting at this particular time is to help her audience see her as a stable element in their own lives. By choosing a particular time to live stream during the week, she is providing a routine for her audience. While they might choose a different time on some days, the routine is part of what keeps them engaged and ready to work out with her.

There are many ways to connect with an audience through online portals, and all of them should be considered when creating a fitness video production to bring a workout to life. Choosing the venue, using established brand techniques, and letting the audience be inspired through media posts has become an essential for building market share and retaining customers. It might feel complicated at first, but learning the basics of audience engagement can soon become a natural part of every production.