Why Top Talent is Essential for Your Fitness Content to Thrive

Why Top Talent is Essential for Your Fitness Content to Thrive

The perfect fitness video has many components that can add or subtract to its success. The quality of the video, the colors and positioning of the brand, and even the talent in front of the camera are all part of what can make a successful production. One of the most difficult parts of bringing a successful video to your audience is finding the right talent for the job.

Finding Fitness Talent

There are many different outlets for finding talent for a video production. Modeling and casting platforms are a good source for posting, but there are a few guidelines to help narrow down the field before holding a casting audition.

When posting for talent, it is important to be very specific. If the talent will be hosting a live fitness video production during the early morning, it should include a note about that requirement. A meditation video for melding mind and spirit to the body in a fitness scenario might need someone with a smooth presentation style that reflects their core strength and graceful yoga moves. All of these factors should be considered and added to any post.

There are two types of casting calls, and they are important when it comes to the time it can take to find the right person. Open casting calls are for anyone to respond. This could mean several hundred people will be signing up for an opportunity to show their abilities. A limited casting call can also be held. It would require pre-screening applicants based on their ability in the area of fitness presentation, their background for the work, and it might also be based on a short video the applicant is requested to send. Inviting only those able to fit the listed requirements would cut down on the number of applicants and the time it takes to interview them.

When the auditions are held, it is important to give each potential applicant their fair share of time. Questionnaires can be long or short, but they should be organized to help narrow down the field. During the audition itself, a script should be used to bring out the qualities needed for a particular show. It may be a good idea to have one person asking questions while others observe. Taking notes about individual performances is also a good idea when it comes time to make the decision on recalling finalists for one more audition.Selecting a staff member to ensure no interviews run over their allotted time will also keep the process equitable for all involved.

Specifics for Finding the Right Talent

Many hopefuls looking for work in video today are able to provide their own examples. Feel free to include a request for a video in the casting call. Many hopeful applicants will be happy to provide their work, and they will often be able to show whether or not their particular style will fit into your brand’s current needs.It may be a good idea to ask videos to be emailed ahead of the casting day to weed out those unsuitable.

Background can be helpful when it comes to casting the right person. The vast majority of companies ask for a resume, so requesting background information on previous employment and other brands where a hopeful has worked is an acceptable practice.

Branding can also come into play when a potential candidate has already garnered a following of their own. If they have their own brand that is successful, they may be at the top of the short list of candidates for a second audition.

The world today is plugged firmly into social media, and it is important to look at any potential talent’s history of posts. If they have a solid history that is a good professional representation, that should be a point in the plus column. Any candidate with a less than professional posting history might be eliminated before auditions are scheduled.

Viewing candidates as the audience will see them is important. There are several things to think about at this point, and they include the personality on display. The amount of energy coming into the camera is another important factor for most fitness talent. Viewing the applicant’s camera presence as the audience would is also about feeling comfortable and ready for a workout. Make a note as to whether or not this particular person fits that profile.

Talent Impacts Video Quality

The work of a good talent in a fitness video is an important component for the audience and the quality they are seeking. Their camera presence can make an audience stand up and pay attention, or their work may fall flat. Losing an audience is easy enough, so getting the best talent for the job has some key elements.

The person selected as the talent must be able to articulate well, and their presence on camera must carry a positive weight. Their ability to bring their own energy and naturally motivate the audience is one more key reason for their selection. Captivating the audience is all part of their charm, and it is the job that must be done to enhance your fitness video production.

It may take weeks or months to find just the person with all the right talents to create great fitness videos. Planning the process to make it easy to narrow the field is important. Giving candidates the opportunity to make their own videos, requiring background information, asking about possible branding qualities or their following can be another way to gauge their ability to capture your audience. Every element of what will go out on the video should be a consideration when seeking that one right person, so being prepared to do the job in an organized and efficient manner can be the best way to get started.