Why is the Virtual Fitness Revolution Changing Everything?

Why is the Virtual Fitness Revolution Changing Everything?

Getting a good workout has often been a struggle for many. When it comes to losing a few unwanted pounds or toning unused muscles, it can be a slog through the bad side of life. Fun is not generally a word associated with fitness or exercise, but the virtual reality and augmented reality now available from a host of fitness content creators can change that outlook. The new ways to use and implement virtual fitness streaming intelligence has changed workouts from a boring chore into a welcome trip to other realities where movement is all part of the adventure.

Gaining in Popularity

The need to get into better fitness habits has been a major concern of the medical industry for decades, yet patients have been resisting. The lack of interest in working out on a treadmill or dancing awkwardly to fast music has kept many on the sidelines. Rather than motivating people, many of these programs made them feel exercise was something they could never do. Adding in the adventure and alternate realities now available, this is just one reason these new fitness apps and games are gaining in popularity.

No longer are people expected to travel outside their homes to work their bodies, and this is a major plus for many. Rather than being embarrassed in front of a crowd of strangers, they can now experience exercise in their own homes in an entirely new way. There are plenty of games and apps that can be used, and they each have their own level of fitness that can be achieved. Even the workout equipment has become the choice of those participating, and that alone can make a big difference when it comes to motivation.

One more reason the popularity of this type of exercise routine has begun to boom is the time factor. Traveling to the gym, working out, and then hitting the road to head home all takes time. With the new online applications available, fitness streaming intelligence programs mean cutting out the commute and spending more time doing a workout or relaxing with a great meditation program. The fact they also include the ability to track progress makes them easier and faster to use.

Experts predict that the world of virtual and augmented workouts will rise from 30 billion in the year 2021 and accelerate in growth to nearly 300 billion within the next four years. That type of growth is astronomical in any industry, yet it is a sign that the acceptance of this new way to get in shape has taken hold. Slowing down is not forecast, and that could be good for health over the long term.

Equipment Needs

It is true that VR and AR both require virtual headsets, but prices vary among models. Some of the most expensive headsets may not work well because they are not wireless, and they could restrict movement when it comes to working through a game or app. The choice of which model to purchase should combine price along with ease of use. These factors may vary for every person looking to get into the world of VR or AR fitness, so taking the time to look at models is an investment in future comfort and compatibility.

Access to online applications does require an electronic device, and there are plenty of variances there. Many people may be able to use their current electronic devices, or they could decide it is time to invest in new equipment. Checking out options might be best done after selecting the type of workout and measuring it against the ability of a particular operating system to make the experience a good one.

A Look at Providers

1. Supernatural

When it comes to the ranks of fitness content creators, Supernatural is a company that makes working out an exceptional experience every day. There are new workouts available daily, and that is where the adventure begins. They have a free trial for those looking for a better way to burn calories and tone muscles, but that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Exotic locations are wonderful places to visit, and they can be the perfect place to get moving to the music of a great workout. Traveling can be a major hassle, but these VR workouts allow members to visit them without ever leaving their homes. Imagine moving to the beat of a favorite song while exercising atop an Ethiopian volcano. If that is too hot a location, then lunging through Iceland might just be a good way to cool down. Even meditation can be exotic when it is experienced in the ancient city of Machu Picchu where the breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains are now available through this new technology.

It could seem that something this wonderful might be well past any reasonable budget, but memberships start under $15.00 per month. Benefits also include free profiles for family members and roommates, familiar music for great motivation, coaches are available to help make workouts more productive, and they offer a free sports liner for the Oculus Quest headset. All of this is combined with amazing and exotic destinations that are part of the daily workouts produced and provided daily.

2. Racket: NX

Racquetball has long been a favorite of those looking to get toned while working out against an opponent. It is a fun way to exercise, and it certainly gets the bloom pumping. At Racket: NX, that workout takes place in the simulated world of outer space.

They have a wide variety of other games that can create fitness through movement, and their games are available for a listed fee for each. Many can be purchased starting at $9.99, but the prices for others can be double or more. These fitness content creators have plenty to offer those looking for a workout that includes competition.

3. FitXR

Boxing has long been a popular way to burn calories, and it is just one of the main offerings of FitXR. They also have dance and HIIT programs for those who are seeking a challenge.They release new workouts daily, and they can be done solo or shared with a friend.

Fitness is the goal of FitXR, and they offer a free trial to get a look at what they provide. Memberships are only $9.99 per month, and users get the opportunity to use the daily workouts or select from their archives. Fitness is the goal, and they make it fun.

4. OhShape

Dancing is not something everyone likes to do, but it is a great way to get a workout while moving to the beat. OhShape offers an overall body movement series of programs that are coupled with dance music to move to the beat. They have four different levels through more than thirty maps for all players, and they can be customized to make the experience even better.

Customization is an important part of this workout, and it offers even more. For just $19.99, joining can become a joy of life. Participation can be for a single person, or a group can challenge each other. Speaking of challenges, there is a level offered just for those who crave a bit more out of their workout.

5. Beat Saber

When it is time to cut more than the mustard, Beat Saber is the place to get started. They offer a membership for just $29.99, and additional realities can be had starting at $7.99 and up.

Slashing through the beats of the music is the goal here, and each program offers users an opportunity to do it just right. There are different swords to be used, and each beat has its own best way to be cut. For those who love a challenge that continues on, there are plenty of games to try out in this virtual world of slashing through the music.