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With more than 10 billion fitness streams in 2019, our growth is exponential!


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We poll and survey brands and consumers to gather key performance data. We mask the data to create a central index to assist companies with operating and investment benchmarks. The index is accessible to those who participate. Register to participate today and receive the first index complimentary.

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News, Articles and Updates in Fitness Streaming.

News, Articles, and Updates in Digital Fitness.

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posted: 06/08/21

Why is the Virtual Fitness Revolution Changing Everything?

Why is the Virtual Fitness Revolution Changing Everything? Getting a good workout has often been a struggle for many. When it comes to losing a few unwanted pounds or toning unused muscles, it can be a slog through the bad side of life. Fun is not generally a word associated.

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posted: 05/28/21

10 Live Fitness Classes That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Live Fitness Classes That Will Blow Your Mind Getting fit and staying there is an important part of modern life, but it can take a huge chunk out of any schedule. For those who prefer to get the most out of their time, working out from home can offer.

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posted: 02/08/21

How to Create Digital Coaching Platforms

During these uncertain times, embarking on a plan to create digital coaching programs has never been more relevant. Many instructors and tness coaches are looking for ways to monetize their business outside of the traditional model and an online platform offers seemingly endless possibilities. You can now take your tness.

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