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We poll and survey brands and consumers to gather key performance data. We mask the data to create a central index to assist companies with operating and investment benchmarks. The index is accessible to those who participate. Register to participate today and receive the first index complimentary.

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News, Articles, and Updates in Digital Fitness.

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posted: 07/20/21

What Are Your Fitness Videos Missing?

What Are Your Fitness Videos Missing? One of the hottest trends in online exercise programs has become a specialty field, and customers have found many of them are professional and reliable. They are seeking a workout they can depend upon, and they want to know they are getting the best.

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posted: 07/06/21

How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience

How Telling Your Story Enhances Your Fitness Brand Experience Modern communications methods have provided wonderful opportunities for thousands of companies across the globe. The ability to create a product or service and sell it online is just one facet of modern business. For companies in the fitness production arena, it.

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posted: 06/15/21

3 Scenarios in Which a Fitness Production Studio May Need Help

3 Scenarios in Which Your Fitness Production Studio Needs Help The ability to find the right fitness program online has become an industry that is soaring. There are many gym owners and fitness instructors with the ability to motivate their clients and assist them in their journey to better their.

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